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Mayo Middle School

National Junior Honors Society


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Zoom Tutoring

NJHS offers Zoom tutoring to anyone who is struggling in any subject.

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The Bright Side

The Bright Side is the part of this website that provides jokes, fun facts, and good news articles that will help to brighten your day.

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Blue Light Glasses

NJHS offered blue light protective lens glasses to all full-time remote learners to help them with eye strain and head aches.



Not to be confused with Student Council, NJHS is a group dedicated to helping students, the school, and others! It's composed of 9 brilliant students who have suggested all sorts of events and other things for the school district. It's not all hard work on being kind, we also have a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer manage and report on what they specialize in. We obey the pandemic procedures and host ZOOM meetings instead of meeting in person. Speaking of ZOOM, we have ZOOM tutoring to tutor students, especially the remote ones, on anything they need help with.



Emerson Barrett

Hi, my name is Emmy Barrett and I like listening to music and drawing. My favorite color is green and I like raccoons.

Noah Dundas

My name is Noah Dundas. Believe it or not, my sleep schedule is still intact.

Eli Brinkerhoff

My name is Elijah Brinkerhoff. I enjoy playing games and reading. I have 2 dogs and 5 snakes  as my pets. My favorite subject in school is history.

Carlee Longest

Hi, my name is Carlee, I enjoy singing and acting. My favorite color is light blue. I like to have fun with friends and family in my free time!

Logan Dick

Hello my name is Logan Dick. My favorite thing to do is ride my go kart around. My favorite colors are blue and red, and my favorite sport is basketball. I have a business with my dad and mow yards, $20 yards. I love mowing people yards, it's my favorite summer activity to do. I am good with helping people that have fell off track in school.

Keely Ludington

My name is Keely Ludington, my favorite color is black. I enjoy reading, skateboarding, softball, volleyball, and spending time with family and friends.

Abby Sanders

My name is Abby Sanders. I enjoy watching Netflix and hanging out with my dog Miracle. I engage in band, choir, and yearbook outside of school.

Graham Templeton

My name is Graham Templeton, and I am the president of NJHS. I participate in band, choir, and musicals. In my spare time, I like to play games, hang out with my friends, and ride my bike.

Ian Theirl

My name is Ian and I love acting and playing in the band. I also enjoy helping the community.



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